How to Maximize the Life of Your Water Heater

A well-functioning water heater is a staple for any home. At Best Plumbing, we can help you install, repair, and maintain your water heater. We’ve provided Seattle homeowners with water heater services for over 40 years!

Different Water Heater Types

There are a variety of water heaters that can be installed in your home, and each type functions in different ways and has different benefits. In Seattle, the most common type of water heater is an electric heater. This type of water heater doesn’t require gas and instead is powered by electric energy, which makes it a sustainable option. Electric heaters can also be easier to operate than gas heaters.

Gas heaters can often be less expensive than electric heaters, but it’s important to compare specific models against one another as efficiency can vary even between the same type of heater. Electric heaters can require new elements and thermostats too over time. Both gas and electric heaters should be flushed as part of regular maintenance.

While these types of heaters are two common options, there are other varieties as well. Tankless heaters and hybrid heaters could also be a good fit for your home!

Tankless heaters will heat water on demand and can be more compact than other heater varieties. Rather than warming gallons of water at a time, they only heat up the water you need at the moment, making them an efficient option.

Hybrid heaters can use multiple methods to heat water, including electricity and heat pump. This makes them an efficient, energy-saving choice. Hybrid heaters are both more efficient and better for the environment. In King County, municipalities and manufacturers also grant rebates on hybrid heaters as an extra incentive.

Water Heater Maintenance

Depending on the type of water heater you’re using, regular maintenance tasks can vary. However, for all water heater types, we recommend regular maintenance to ensure efficiency and longevity. This will help you maximize the life of your heater. With both electric and gas heaters, call a professional if you aren’t comfortable with handling these sources of heat. At Best Plumbing, we can provide you with annual water heater check-ins and scheduled maintenance.

How to Maximize the Life of Your Water Heater

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